Dil deewana Telugu movie review


Dil deewana Telugu movie review

Dil Deewana is a Telugu movie directed by Tumma Kiranan (Sekhar’s disciple) and stars Raj Arjun Reddy and Abha Singhal in the lead roles. Sekhar Kammula is considered as one of the most respected independent filmmakers in Tollywood for his films ‘Happy Days’, ‘Godavari’ and ‘Anand’. Dil deewana is produced by Raja Reddy under the Sri Bhavana Films banner. Read on to know the story and movie review.

Dil deewana is the story of the love journey of two couples. One couple has been in love for long and the other has just fallen in love. Their fate separates them and what happens next is what the movie Dil deewana is all about. The story is narrated by two funny guys.

Although the film stars debutants, their performance for the camera is matured. It is a romantic and entertaining movie. The movie has good music. The twists and turns in the story and the characterization add life to the movie. For its cinematography and editing, the technical segment stands out. Director Tumma Kiranan has presented a movie that is sure to leave a mark on both, the box office and his career.

Sandhira.com Movie Review rating -3.5/5 stars

More Info: http://entertainment.sandhira.com/dil-deewana-telugu-movie-review.html


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