Fandry Marathi movie review


Fandry Marathi movie review

Fandry is a Marathi feature film written and directed by National award winning director Nagraj Manjule. It features Somnath Avghade and Rajshree Kharat in the lead roles. The film won the Grand Jury Prize at the Mumbai International Film Festival. The movie is produced by Nilesh Navalakha and Vivek Kajaria. For story and movie review, read on.

The central theme of the movie is- love knows no boundaries. The story revolves around the young lady who falls for a guy who belongs to a economically backward background. He tries hard to impress his girl and the society intervenes with its age old caste-system. Fandry is a story of his aspirations, quest and frustrations.

Fandry is a romantic drama that audiences will most certainly like for its rawness and social reality. The beautiful portrayal of innocence of teenage love and the characterization add brilliance to the movie. It is a powerful film that tackles the issue of the caste system in a subtle way. It is the first feature film by the director whom one can look forward too in the future as well. The music, screenplay, story, everything blends beautifully to deliver a masterpiece. (Everyone can watch the movie as it has been released with subtitles.) movie review Rating:4/5


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